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We will certify anyone who meets our standard, regardless of where, when, or by whom they were trained.  What counts is ability.

We offer certification for Green Belt, Advanced Green Belt, Black Belt, Champion, and Master Black Belt.  Candidates who attempt but do not attain certification are allowed a second attempt, within one year of the first.

Tools and concepts for examinations and projects are drawn from the following categories.  No single project will use all the tools.  Tools marked with * appear in practically all successful projects:
Green Belt
Principles of Six Sigma
Principles of Lean/Toyota Production System
Project Definition*
Taguchi Loss Function
Individuals and Moving Range Charts*
Pareto Charts*
Process Map*
Cause and Effect Matrix*
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis*
Poka Yoke
Process Capability
Control Plan*

Advanced Green Belt--All Green Belt Topics, plus:
Data Types
Descriptive Statistics
Measurement System Analysis: Interval/Ratio Data
Measurement System Analysis: Categorical Data
Data Mining (Regression, ANOVA, or similar tools)

Black Belt--All the Advanced Green Belt Topics, Plus:
2^K Full Factorial Experiments
2^K Fractional Factorial Experiments
Plackett-Burman Screening Experiments
Xbar-R Charts
Capability Study based on rational subgrouping
Tests of Proportions
T Test
Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility
Tests of Equal Variance
Chi Square Test
Statistical Tolerance Analysis

Belt Certification

Belt candidates may certify by getting at least a 76% score on our examination covering the topics appropriate for the level sought.  Each level includes the bodies of knowledge for all lower levels.  

The value of a certificate is greatly enhanced if it carries a Project Manager endorsement.  The Project Manager endorsement is earned by completing a successful Six Sigma project that includes tools appropriate for the level sought.  Candidates who submit evidence of having led a successful Six Sigma team project in the year before applying receive both certification and the Project Manager endorsement without taking the examination.  Those who certify by examination may add the Project Manager endorsement within one year of certification.

To be successful, the completed project must present evidence that the project:
Directly relates to one or more of the organization's overarching goals.
Productively used the Six Sigma tools in concert, according to a roadmap such as Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.
Demonstrates that the process is better than its predecessor, or, in the case of a new process/product, demonstrates that the process/product meets its design objectives.

Where feasible and productive, shows that the new process is:
Stable and predictable
Capable of meeting specifications
"Controlled" means that the important process input variables have been identified and that an active plan is in place and working to keep those input variables in their desired state.
Satisfies the process owner.

Design for Six Sigma projects relate to the design of new processes or products.  The criteria for certification are the same as for Green Belt or Black Belt.  A DFSS project will often relate to just a portion of a product design.