Black Belt Certification Complete Package

Black Belt Certification Complete Package

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 US$ 629.00On Demand Collection (HD)


These self-study packages allow you to fit study into your life without a fixed schedule.  Study when and where you like.  With download privileges, you can carry your course work with you on a tablet or laptop computer.  You can even burn a DVD if you like.

Our incomparable QuikSigma series of textbooks explain the material simply and correctly.  Most of the videos are recordings of actual online classes, and the presentation closely follows the text.  You'll see and hear actual student interactions as the material is presented.

Our Black Belt Certification Complete Package includes the following:
  • Rental of the Black Belt videos for one user, with download and DVD burning privileges,
  • One-user electronic copy of the Advanced QuikSigma textbook, and
  • Certification for those who qualify.  
Exercise instructions are in the Advanced QuikSigma textbook.  
Since students will normally receive a QuikSigma software license with their Advanced Green Belt course, it is not necessary to purchase an additional license.

$771 if purchased separately, just $629 if purchased together.  Price is per viewer.  For group views, please select the appropriate quantity of viewers upon checkout.  Play is allowed on up to three different devices.


This bundle contains the following products:

2^k Full Factorial and Fractional Factorial Review2^k Full Factorial and Fractional Factorial Review single price: US$ 22.00
2^k Full Factorials2^k Full Factorials single price: US$ 34.00
Advanced QuikSigmaAdvanced QuikSigma single price: US$ 29.00
BlockingBlocking single price: US$ 22.00
CertificationCertification single price: US$ 250.00
Chi Square TestChi Square Test single price: US$ 29.00
F Test, Bartlett Test, Levene TestF Test, Bartlett Test, Levene Test single price: US$ 34.00
Gage R and RGage R and R single price: US$ 34.00
General Full Factorials and Central Composite DesignsGeneral Full Factorials and Central Composite Designs single price: US$ 29.00
Green Belt ReviewGreen Belt Review single price: US$ 34.00
Half FractionalsHalf Fractionals single price: US$ 22.00
One Sample T TestOne Sample T Test single price: US$ 22.00
Optimizer Robustness and CatpultOptimizer Robustness and Catpult single price: US$ 22.00
P Chart U Chart and OtherP Chart U Chart and Other single price: US$ 22.00
Paired T TestPaired T Test single price: US$ 16.00
Placket Burman Designed ExperimentsPlacket Burman Designed Experiments single price: US$ 34.00
Power and Sample SizePower and Sample Size single price: US$ 11.00
ProportionsProportions single price: US$ 16.00
Theory of ContraintsTheory of Contraints single price: US$ 16.00
Two Sample T Test Part 1Two Sample T Test Part 1 single price: US$ 22.00
Two Sample T Test Part 2Two Sample T Test Part 2 single price: US$ 22.00
Xbar and R Control ChartsXbar and R Control Charts single price: US$ 29.00

Total price: US$ 771.00. You save 18.42%.