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QuikSigma Pro Software

Whether you are doing a Six Sigma project, or just need tools for data driven decision making, without getting a brain cramp, this software is an excellent choice for you. Use the built-in navigator to structure your project, or simply access the toolbox to use the tools individually.

Easy to read “gas gages” on the statistical tools make interpreting the results a snap. Advanced users will also find complete analytical information.
Video instructions for the tools, plus many other topics of interest are available on YouTube.

Still undecided? Click on any of the offerings for a free demo download.

Project Charter • Process Map • Cause and Effect Matrix • FMEA • Patented Multi-Dimensional Pareto Charts • Sigma Level Calculator • Action Plan • Control Plan • Full Suite of Process Behavior Charts (Control Charts) • Capability Studies • Kappa Test • Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility • Descriptive Statistics • Chi Squared Test • One and Two Proportion Tests • T Test (one sample, two sample, and paired) • Tests of Equal Variance • Power and Sample Size Calculator • ANOVA • ANOM • Regression • 2K Full Factorial Experiments • 2K Fractional Factorial Experiments • Plackett-Burman Screening Experiments • General • Full Factorial Experiments • Central Composite Design Experiments • Statistical Tolerancing

System Requirements:
Pentium III 500MHz, 256M RAM, 40M Free Space or Better
IE5.5 or Higher
Windows 7 or newer

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